No TV….

There isn’t one in the house; no space has been preserved for a future one.  The reason is purely economic.  There are other more important things for me to spend my money on at the moment.  Paying down my debts, saving the money for a washer and dryer so I don’t have to truck my laundry across town, oh and getting some carpets for the new place.

I do watch TV on the internet which suits my schedule and doesn’t eat up all of my time. Occasionally, I become mesmerized by other people’s TV’s. Still it hasn’t enticed me to spend the money.

Would I like to have one? Yes, but it isn’t important enough to put my goals at risk.

Makes sense right? Then why do people look like I am nuts when the fact is revealed. The questions flow and then come to an abrupt stop when they realize that a) I am not bother by it or b) I still watch television shows just not like they do.

Eventually, they accept it even if they think it is strange.  I am just being me and living without a tellie is my choice.  Not a judgement of their behavior; keeping up with the Jones as no appeal for me. Maintaining the roof over my head does.


4 thoughts on “No TV….

  1. Your only the 2nd person I have come across that does not own a TV, and you know what, how refreshing that is. I do have a TV but I have limited channels as I live aboard and will not pay to have cable to receive the UK channels, anyway there is always mind numbing crap on anyway. I perfer to continue writing my book, listen to music or go for a walk or to the bar to watch football with mates. As you say, you can always catch anything on the internet.

    TV is unsociable..

    Keep writing Lucinda….


  2. No television at my house either. We have the units, but last winter when the ice storm knocked the satellite offline and none of the kids mentioned it… well, why pay for something we’re not using?? It took quite a while before anyone even noticed I’d cut it off, and no one has complained too loudly that it’s still off.


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