No power left to protest

only tears to weep

just trying to stick to the plan

the dream

the lie told to all children

come to bittersweet fruition

otherwise known as adulthood

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Write Something

I can, I can, I will start writing tonight.

The hour is late and my mind is foggy,

but I will, I will write something tonight

profound and interesting it may even be

Before my head hits the desk and

my fingers forget their marks

I will, I will write something tonight.

My Promise

every time you see me

you see the most beautiful me

that there is

and the most beautiful me

that there will ever me

and it is a gift

that you give to me

that I wish so much

so very much

to give back to you

in a new ending loop

of what love is suppose to be

And is

And will be

Broken Beaches

The beach was broken.

There wasn’t much of a shore to explore

At least at first…

Further on the path

Around the bend

And through a mangrove forest

There was some sand for my toes.

And waves to rinse away

All the residue that has been clinging

To every step I take, weighing down

Thought, action and tainting feelings

I stood and laughed


Cleansed the unvoiced anger

letting me breathe

for a time


July 018


Today 068Comfort found in the bottle

isn’t comfort all at

or so they say

and plead their case

though looks and passing remarks

Comfort found through lies

and sweaty deeds

isn’t comfort all at

so let me take the comfort that is honest after all,

I can’t lie to a bottle.