It is

Love, they say should never hurt.

Never make you cry or cut your soul,

Maybe those that say it have never been in love,

Cause love hurts and burns us so everyday

Love cuts you so deep and fills you with so many desires

You don’t know which way is up

And which way to go when they sun is shining

Love hurts

Lovers twist and turn together

in pain made joyful by

pheromones and loneliness

Touch becoming intoxicating

Pain mesmerizing

when love is born

in the heat and black of night

Ask a mother holding her child

If love doesn’t hurt

The pain of childbirth is only the beginning

A child can cut their parents to the core

With a word or deed

And mend it much the same

Husbands and wives cut each other

Trying to figure out how to make

Love last through the bumps

Of marriage in the modern world

Some make it, some loose hope

But love like life contains pain

What it is, is never cruel

Never intentional cruel

But love is the pain

The sweetest most cherished pain

I know


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