His Devil … the Devil within

Review of His Devil

By Erick Lynd

This short story delighted me and disappointed me. I wanted more.  A fast paced story that will tug at your heart strings as a young boy deals with the abandonment of his family by his father.  It is easy to step into the boy’s shoes as he works to make sense of the strangeness surrounding him.  A bad dad leaves and comes back a more frightening monster.

I feel like the readers have missed this gem and it’s quick and dirty nature.  Yes, it could have been longer, but what the author gave us was well crafted and original. A taste of his style so we would crave more and check out his other works. Next time, a larger morsel from author might tempt more would-be readers to take a bigger bite and try one of the main courses he has to offer.

The petite short story is available on Amazon for free.  Check it out, give the author feedback he can work with and see where things go from there. Supporting indie authors doesn’t mean just buying their e-books; reviews help drive sales and provide them with fuel to make their next creation.

It’s Going To Be A Bloody Winter

Review of  Undead of Winter  – Nine Zombie Tales from Armand Rosamilia, Brent Abell, Suzannobb, Jonah Buck, R.S. Pyne, Tim Lieder, Blaze McRob, Lisa McCourt Hollar, and Carole Gill

When I picked up this book, I didn’t realize that it was actually a collection of short stories. I saw something on Twitter that snatched it.  Each author presents a different tale, some modern, some gory and all unique.  They all had their own twists;  none were not worth the price of  the book in either of it’s incarnations; Paperback or Kindle.

What I liked about this book was the variety.  The  most unique of the tales was The Second Wave by Lisa McCourt Hallar.  As cliche’ as it sounds it really does take the traditional zombie tale and turns it on its ear. I would love to learn more about the world in this tale & how humanity deals its unique zombies.

Armand Rosamilia was not only the editor of the book, but the author of its first tale, Undead of Winter.  The main character is Darlene Bobich, who has been featured by him in other tales.  If you want to catch up with Darlene and her adventures this is a great tale. It was definitely the right choice to begin the anthology.  He has several other anthologies available on Amazon.

Every story was entertaining, a few though were a little too gory for my taste.   My least favorite tale was The Christmas Video by Tim Lieder.  It is well crafted, however the content leaves a lot to be desired since the story deals with a group of friends who gather to watch zombie porn every year.  Ya, I said it, zombie porn. Conceptually, I understand what he is trying to do here, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There were times in that tale that I wanted to look away and didn’t; despite being revolted by aspect of the story.  Lieder does his job as an author; he keeps you reading.

Lovers of Zombie fiction will love this book. It gives you a taste of a lot of different authors and may wet your appetite for more of their work.  If you don’t like a lot of gore, this book still has something for you.

Booger’s Tale cont.

My mistress was always aggravated by the two men’s presence but her annoyance never seemed to disturb them. I believe one of them had some sort of leverage over her.  They never ceased in their attempts to converse with her. The large harry man smelled like another of my canine brethren, a female if my olfactory senses were precise.

Mistress called him Dog in a most disrespectful manner.  I did not comprehend why that was an insult. Mistress, however, seemed to think it was and so I let it go. There wasn’t much I could do anyway, the month or so I had been with Mistress we had never managed to communicate more than a word or two.  She seemed to be getting better, but there were times when I felt like she expected me to behave like one of her precious feline companions.

I tried my best to assimilate myself to their culture. My efforts were for the most part in vain.  The felines weren’t interested in bridging our cultural riff.  My abandonment had also led me to having a deficit in my own canine culture.

A deficit that was soon to be remedied; one afternoon, the tall man and the man named Dog, convened a meeting to discuss my future with Mistress.  We walked into Mr. Dog’s home and I was greeted by the female canine I smelled early. Her name was Mackie.

When I told her my name, she just chuckled.  Don’t worry, Dog and Stew will fix that little problem for you. She won’t explain just sniffed my rectal area.   It was a most disconcerting at first, the whole olfactory inspection, but oddly familiar.  Mackie completed her inspection while the hominids began their negotiations.

The tall man, whose name Mackie confirmed was Stew, was holding a strange leash and collar.  Mackie went to sit

by dog and I lay at the feet of my Mistress.  She was trying to protest, but Dog finally gave her an ultimatum, either she give me to the tall man or get rid of me.  She didn’t fight much after that, just handed me over to the tall man.  I was fond of him, he was my friend, and now my master.  I titled my head towards Mistress. She did nothing.

The new collar was metallic and seemed to pinch my neck, it wasn’t comfortable but I was delighted to be receiving the pets from the tall man,oh, I mean Stew,, no… Master. He had some treats and feed them to me while Mistress left.  I called after her, whimpered in hominid terms. I waited but she didn’t come back.


Mackie came over to me and licked my face. It’s ok, kid, Stew is your Pappa now, like Dog is mine.  Pappa? I didn’t comprehend what this new word meant or how it would change my life. Pappa led me out of the apartment and down the hall to his home.  His scent coated the apartment.  It wasn’t at all like Mistress home.

Pappa had food for me.  Good food, not that blasted Sam’s choice. Real food.  Fifteen minutes later, he led me to the yard to do my business.  “Go to potty .. Go poop..” it was a cruel command, however, I did feel a certain urge and so complied with the command.

Over the next week, I learned that the collar was meant to discipline me. It caused me to be reminiscent of when my mother would nip my neck for the same purpose.  Something that mistress had never done.  It was somewhat unpleasant, but it felt oddly right and Pappa was more gracious to me than her.  I didn’t have to sleep at the foot of the bed.  I now cuddled under the covers with him.  Cuddling…that is what he called it. A simple, but appropriate word.

A Note from Booger

Thank you, humans for so many electronic pets.  I am working with Ms. Lucinda to translate the rest of my story into your language.  Please be patient, remember no matter how long you have to wait, it is still wrong to relieve yourself in the house.  I am not sure if that morsel of canine wisdom translates well.

Lucinda took a few days off to tend to her human family. Do not worry; she has not neglected her canine or feline children too badly.  We are managing to hang-on, despite the lack of attention. My feline siblings are feigning apathy as usual.

Just know that I am staring at her with my best jilted puppy dog eyes and will continue until she finishes her assigned work. (Truthfully, I will not cease then, it is the best way to exert my will.)

Respectfully Yours,

Booger Socrates Patterson