A Note from Booger

Thank you, humans for so many electronic pets.  I am working with Ms. Lucinda to translate the rest of my story into your language.  Please be patient, remember no matter how long you have to wait, it is still wrong to relieve yourself in the house.  I am not sure if that morsel of canine wisdom translates well.

Lucinda took a few days off to tend to her human family. Do not worry; she has not neglected her canine or feline children too badly.  We are managing to hang-on, despite the lack of attention. My feline siblings are feigning apathy as usual.

Just know that I am staring at her with my best jilted puppy dog eyes and will continue until she finishes her assigned work. (Truthfully, I will not cease then, it is the best way to exert my will.)

Respectfully Yours,

Booger Socrates Patterson


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