What can’t I free my mind of you?

Why can’t my heart free itself from your memory?

Passion kindled over innocuous words…

A quick kiss sealed the spell cast years before…

The fates intertwined our lives, our hearts and our bodies…

Two scorned lovers finding comfort in each other.

Love can’t heal though what other wounds have broken…

Lives depart, but not hearts.

Passion’s flame lay low and always flickering

Waiting for an invitation to be free again…

If only to burn for another brief moment

Before returning to a flicker


going out forever…


4 thoughts on “Freedom

    • Thank you, I am glad that you connected with it. The beauty of poetry is that it can reflect the reader. I tell my students that they need to find their own meaning in the works they read. It is amazing how many times that their interpretation matches part of the authors. I wrote this reflecting while reflecting on a past love.


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