My Dearest Lord Cthulhu

To My Dearest Lord Cthulhu,

I do so love the advice you give and truly hope others will take the time to read your advice. It is truly foolish for others to ignore your great wisdom or to belittle it’s power.  I admire your restraint for not devouring the mortals who have not purchased your book.  I found the kindle edition to be most delightful with its portable nature. It allowed me to end and begin days with your most glorious wisdom.

Your dry humor may throw some of the human herd off. I feel, however, that this second book of advice you have so graciously published for those of us who are not regular followers is most wonderful and I recommend it.  Readers who are not accustom to your nature may be taken back your frank tone.  I suggest that they download the sample of the kindle version , if they are nervous.

Humbly Yours,

Lucinda Rose


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