Missing Something….

Yep, no Friday book review.  I fell short of my goal.

Normally, I would be kicking myself  and re-examining the last week so I could do better the next go round.  With this failure however, I realize I set myself up with a task that was unrealistic.

Yesterday, when I would have been finalizing the review, I was in a doctor’s office trying to fight with the insurance company.  Before that I was reconnecting with one of my best friends sleeping due to neck pain and celebrating my sister’s birthday. None of those were things that I regret or would change.

Then there is the matter of my own novel which has sadly been neglected.

All of this, including my own professional work, has lead me to realize that I, myself, set up a fail.  I love reviewing books, writing and teaching are my passions.  It is in those two areas where I will be sinking my energy.

As a result, the schedule will be modified, so that you, my dear readers,  get what you like and I can work on my goals.  Book reviews will be published bi-monthly at a minimum; more as life allows.


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