Lucinda Rose

A couple of weeks ago, I sent message out into the dark realms seeking some book recommendations in the Steampunk genre. The universe yielded two results; one of which is this week’s review.

Girl Genius Book 1 was highly entertaining and I must admit to be addicted to the series and can’t wait for Amazon to deliver the next couple of books.  Unfortunately, for me they won’t be delivering until I get paid again.

The series follows the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne living in a world where the Industrial Revolution has become a war consuming the globe and people who have the spark of “Mad Science” are in charge.

Book 1 is the set up for the series where we discover that Agatha, the bumbling lab assistant, might just have the spark.  She is the type of character that always wins fans, an underdog.   The graphics are mostly in…

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