Tears: Two Poems by Aaron Sawyer

Tears of Pain

They keep falling one by one
Every shred of emotion is seen within them
They keep falling, never seeming to be done
A pain you can’t even fathom hiding behind them
They keep falling and they continue to run
Your strength fades as you stand there watching them
They keep falling, not drying even for the sun
No hope at all to try and understand them
They keep falling, pain has finally won
You fall apart after trying to withstand them
Tears of pain tear the heart apart
And it never seems to end once you start

Tears of Joy

Here they are starting to fall
They blur your vision as they come
Here come memories you start to recall
You wipe your cheek as they come
Here come your best wishes for all
You close your eyes as they come
Here come familiar voices as your friends you call
You stand in silence as they come
Here comes a party as you have a ball
You listen to the music as they come
Tears of joy fill the heart with cheer
And hope that they will continue to be held dear

For more information on Aaron Sawyer, please visit the sites listed below:

Facebook fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/AMSawyer.author

Website: www.amsawyer.com


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