Home Sweet Home

The Day with Verbs

Up with the throbbing  head again

No wine to blame

stumbled out the door

into the world

locking myself out

meandered my way back in

set to work

putting things here and there

walked the dog

recycling to the bin

errands ran

dishes to the sink

clothes to the hamper

litter to the bin

walked the dog again

finished the dishes

three pills

then off to bed

little moments building a day

a life

The Good with the Bad

The day began with insomnia

drifted into lateness

and fell into despair

One found dead, the news feed reads

the reaper’s  prize

at last

sorrows grips friends

still other silent cheer the end of the road

two kids in a doctor’s office sick with the flu


two strangers cling to life

victims of happenstance

attended by the best

No news is good news or so the fellows say

No news is bad news worries the friends

beloved ones

Victory arrives late

lesson learned, acceptance obtained

a child born

new shoes,  credit extended ,

then end of an abusive relationship


No clever words need

or cliques expressed

Just another day

the good with the bad

the bad with good

perspective the only means of definition




No power left to protest

only tears to weep

just trying to stick to the plan

the dream

the lie told to all children

come to bittersweet fruition

otherwise known as adulthood

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Broken Beaches

The beach was broken.

There wasn’t much of a shore to explore

At least at first…

Further on the path

Around the bend

And through a mangrove forest

There was some sand for my toes.

And waves to rinse away

All the residue that has been clinging

To every step I take, weighing down

Thought, action and tainting feelings

I stood and laughed


Cleansed the unvoiced anger

letting me breathe

for a time


July 018

It is

Love, they say should never hurt.

Never make you cry or cut your soul,

Maybe those that say it have never been in love,

Cause love hurts and burns us so everyday

Love cuts you so deep and fills you with so many desires

You don’t know which way is up

And which way to go when they sun is shining

Love hurts

Lovers twist and turn together

in pain made joyful by

pheromones and loneliness

Touch becoming intoxicating

Pain mesmerizing

when love is born

in the heat and black of night

Ask a mother holding her child

If love doesn’t hurt

The pain of childbirth is only the beginning

A child can cut their parents to the core

With a word or deed

And mend it much the same

Husbands and wives cut each other

Trying to figure out how to make

Love last through the bumps

Of marriage in the modern world

Some make it, some loose hope

But love like life contains pain

What it is, is never cruel

Never intentional cruel

But love is the pain

The sweetest most cherished pain

I know


I miss reading my poetry to you

letting my words roll over you before they hit anyone else

knowing that sharing them with you meant something to us both

you said you loved me

but there were so many things

not working

and the two things that keep my heart beating

You and my work couldn’t live together anymore

I tore myself apart

to do what is right

And now I sleep alone

with words that flow 

like wild western rivers

and everyone says I glow now

that my dreams are in reach

but I sleep alone

and miss a thousand things

beyond just touch

when our souls would dance

and my words

my poor, poor poet words

would wash over

and feed us both

Another Momma Song

She gave me life,

She never let me know how insane I was,

Or made me grow mean instead of up,

She still takes me to the dentist,

And lets me get teddy bears to hold and cuddle,

She laughs with me, 

and loves my friends,

bears with my animals,

She talks and cries with

And rarely yells

(Good Momma’s do yell from time to time, you know)

But Most of all because my Momma

My Momma knows how to let me fall

and pick myself up

lets me make my mistakes

And never stays I told you so

with more than a glance

She knows that letting go

doesn’t mean stepping aside

but walking next to me