Nap time is happy time…

I am headed to bed.  Not for the night, but for a little while.  Naptime is scared, happy time. A time to let my body and mind rest.  A time to recharge my batteries.

There are some who have been concerned about my “excessive” napping, but I am a healthy productive person.

So what is the problem? I am not really bothering anyone.  I am just curling up with my book and a puppy dog for a hour or so.

Maybe it is because many people have forgotten how to nap, how to just let themselves rest and enjoy doing nothing.  They always have to be moving about and doing something. I wonder how much they actually get done. Maybe they are jealous that they no long know the sweet joy of napping.

Naptime, sweet, naptime, you are a blessing to me…

Sweet Dreams… friends…


One thought on “Nap time is happy time…

  1. I actually envy you that you can nap! Except in rare situations, I really can’t. It completely throws off my rhythms when I try. Enjoy it!


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