Big Dog … Little Dog..

Are you a big dog or a little dog person? Or are you a cat person?

Can’t I just be a homo sapien sapien? Why do I have to choose a label for you or anyone else? I am a pet owner, really an animal companion. I love my fuzzy and not so fuzzy kids; calling them pets seems a little demeaning given what they mean to me.  Luke is curled up at my back as I type this, just because he wants to be close to me. He isn’t fussing at me for being awake at three in the morning.

Big dog, little dog.. it doesn’t really matter to me so long as my puppy and me are happy and get along.  I was looking for a smaller dog, but then Luke came along I knew he was the one and like in any good relationship when you find the right one you don’t mess with it.

I understand that some people pick their animal companions based size and convenience.  There are practical concerns when bringing any home any animal. There are reasons I don’t have an African Spurred Tortoise or llama.  I live in a small rental house and my teaching salary isn’t as fabulous as politicians seem to think it is.

I was worried about getting a big dog because of my shoulder issues.  Luke, thankful, doesn’t pull and is pretty chill except when I come home.  We are working on the attacking Momma  when she steps in the door issue.  My attempts to find a smaller puppy-dog didn’t work out.  Either I didn’t get a response to my inquires or the adoption fee was simply too much.

Maybe the reason people ask if you are big or small dog person is they are trying to be something they are not and justify their choices.

Luke works for my life all fifty-five pounds of him and I work for him..

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