Pennies for Peru

Sounds like fundraising campaign, doesn’t it.   It is actually the savings plan for a trip I am dreaming about this spring.

Dreaming against logic that I will be standing on ancient ground wondering at the marvel of a city all but forgotten until the descendents of its destroyers found it again.  Machu Picchu was rediscovered  in 1911, by an American archeologist named Hiram Bingham.

It is completely unrealistic dream given my financial reality, but what is the fun in dreaming of something safe.  Something that easily obtained.

So in my kitchen are several empty wine bottles that I am filling with dimes and dollar bills since pennies won’t actually fit. Everyday money is deposited in the jars with a kitschy saying “From money grows money” to remind me of the importance of savings.  I am not sure how much is in the bottles at the moment, but that really isn’t important.

What is important is that I allowing myself to dream, hope and plan for something that I want for myself. Just for myself.


The Lucky Ducky Savings Plan


4 thoughts on “Pennies for Peru

  1. Best of luck to you. I traveled around most of Peru about ten years ago. It is a truly fascinating place, like the Egypt of South America. It was also cheap at the time. Back then the dollar was worth something. If you can speak some Spanish you really don’t need to go on a tour. They are very overpriced. Just take regular buses around and be prepared to bargain. I stayed in less than stellar hotels and never had any problems. Just use reasonable caution. Also don’t miss the Nazca lines. It’s best to fly over them at night all lit up, if possible.

    Have a great trip!


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