Writing for a Living

Everyday I wake up day with the hope that today will day that make another concrete step towards writing for a living. And somedays, I make that step. Other days, I fall into bed only having day dreamed about the stories I wanted to tell. Writing for a living or writing for my main paycheck … Continue reading Writing for a Living


All Hail the Queen

This morning brought the news that Anne Rice, the great dame of American Horror Writing, past away. Her son broke the news. Her first book and most famous book "Interview with a Vampire" in 1976 when she was 35. I am ten years older than she was when she published her first book. A book … Continue reading All Hail the Queen

Generosity (April Page 10 )

The sun in April is already blazing, burning your tender alabaster skin to the color of freshly steamed lobster.  Hustler or vagabond, it doesn't matter. Your need grabs my attention before you speak. You stumble over words in a quest for assistance.  Just three dollars, an odd sum and one likely to garner you a … Continue reading Generosity (April Page 10 )

Placed (April Page 9)

It wasn't a torrid or trashy scene.  It was really beautiful and tender with ambient light and two lovers laying next to each other. Their bodies blending together as if they were created for one other despite the decade difference between them.  The look on their faces wasn't sinful or awkward, but peaceful and content. … Continue reading Placed (April Page 9)