Getting Hacked..

Lessons it seem must always be learned the hard way in my case.  I did something stupid and now I am broke.  To make a long story short, my bank account has been drained of funds and now I am scrambling to figure out how I am going to pay the rent which was already behind as well as the electric bill.  It is partly my fault for not keeping a better eye on my bank account and being careless online.  All my passwords have been changed and laptop is being wiped.

Now, please don’t get me wrong this isn’t a request for help.  Just an expression of my frustrations and a warning for others.  Don’t ignore the warnings about securing your on-line information.

I am still working out the details of how the bad dudes got a hold of my account information.  The police have been notified.

As I was writing the above portion, my roommate came home and we have figured out how to pay the electric bill.  Tomorrow is visit to the bank to close my account and see what the manager can do for me.  There will also be a phone call to the landlord to see if I can get an extension and then work my ass off to pay the bills.

My friend, Sonia, is helping me out by offering me more opportunities reading tarot.  Another friend gave me money for groceries.  So I won’t be starving.  There are still things to figure out and eggs to be placed in various baskets for safe keeping.

I am blessed and I will make it through this.

Be careful and always log off your computer completely.  For more tips, please visit

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