The Birthday Challenge Results

I wish I could give you some marvelous statistics and other figures, but I can’t. I really didn’t keep track of where I was, although I know where I am.

Slightly exhausted, but proud of myself.

I have taken the last couple of days off to finished celebrating my birthday and wrapping up grading for the first marking period. My students may not be happy with the latter’s results.  The grades they received are the ones that they earned even if they are in denial.

Posting daily has increased the number of folks following this blog as well as the overall rankings.

Writing daily taught me that it is possible to find the time everyday to write. Excuses be dammed!!   A new schedule is forming; one in which I blog everything other day and concentrate on my other writing projects every other day, if not daily.

Luke has agreed to support me by sleeping on the floor next to me.  The kitty boys, Jack and Nu Mu, have also agreed to help out by walking across the keyboard on a regular basis to remind me of the importance of saving on a regular basis.

My new roomie will be taking over some of the household chores which will leave me with more time to write.  The next month or so will be hard as I am still catching up on bills from my summer holiday in the cardiac unit, but nothing I can’t handle.

I am looking forward to sharing the result with you.


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