Raising My Glass Once Again…

Tonight, I honored my ancestors not with the usual feast or glass of wine, but by working.

I honored them by moving forward with my life and honoring the life of one who just passed thru the veil.

A friend and fellow teacher lost her only daughter last weekend as Hurricane Sandy splashed Florida with high winds and rain.  The details of the accident are immaterial.  Two young women, my friend’s daughter included, lost their lives.

A blip on the news, a post on Facebook, a text and phone calls spread the news far and wide.  My world was shaken this week, but my friend’s world was crushed.

Ancestors, a fiery young woman has joined you.  Her passing was swift but the waters were not smooth. Watch over her and send comfort to her family.  The living are at a lost for words and can not provide the comfort you can.


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