April Page 5

Whether it is a cold or my sinuses, my body has been sending very direct messages. You are sick. You need to rest. Why aren't you resting? Sleep, you need sleep.   Oh and by the way, until you give me what I want food will lose all favor.  And it did. Well mostly, I … Continue reading April Page 5


Preview: Blood Child Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Em and her brothers were born and grew up at the New York Bathory estate. Their births all took place in the house itself, attended by a midwife and a physician in a room built specially for the receiving of Bath heirs. Their father, Count Atalik Hedrick Bath, insisted on having access to … Continue reading Preview: Blood Child Chapter 2

The fall wind blows through the trees no matter where I am to remind me that today is Halloween, today is a day to remember the dead. The beloved dead, our ancestors and friends who have walked before us into the unknown. For Catholics, soon will come the celebration for the faithful departed. Many will … Continue reading

Raising My Glass Once Again…

Tonight, I honored my ancestors not with the usual feast or glass of wine, but by working. I honored them by moving forward with my life and honoring the life of one who just passed thru the veil. A friend and fellow teacher lost her only daughter last weekend as Hurricane Sandy splashed Florida with … Continue reading Raising My Glass Once Again…