Evil, Only Slightly…

I am evil, but just a little bit.

Or so I am told.

It is actually quite annoying  just being a a tad evil.  There isn’t enough inside to make me a super-villain or anything cool like that.

People just spontaneously announce my evilness to others when I leave a room.  Sometimes my mere presence causes them to flee.  My best friend’s mother sees it or maybe feels it.  She tells her all the time.

Men find me intimidating.. must be my evil core.

How did I become evil? No clue.. None at all.

One day, I was a sweet rose and then next day my thorns were attacking people without my knowledge. Evil just took me over.  I didn’t even noticed. Most folks still say I am pretty nice even sweet.  They never see the evil luring behind my eyes.

Where the evil comes from, I don’t know. But it is there.

Or so I am told…

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