Writing for a Living

Everyday I wake up day with the hope that today will day that make another concrete step towards writing for a living. And somedays, I make that step. Other days, I fall into bed only having day dreamed about the stories I wanted to tell. Writing for a living or writing for my main paycheck … Continue reading Writing for a Living

Change Our Constant Companion

Monday, Change did not come. Tuesday, Change did not come. Wednesday, still no Change. Thursday, Change briefly stopped in. Friday, Change sundered in and flipped me the bird, which was totally unnecessary. I didn't doubt Change would come. It had been humanity's companion. Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com When I was born in Pennsylvania … Continue reading Change Our Constant Companion

Going Back In Time

Florida was my home for 18 years. In a way, it will always be my home. So much of who I am today was formed in the Sunshine State, albeit from the shadows as I am not really found of heat or sun. Yes, I did willingly move to Florida but until you live here you don't understand how oppressive the sun is. It never really stops trying to scorch the invaders so it can go back to being a happy mosquito infested swamp. We all have our glory days, and Florida misses when its very nature repelled development.