The Kickstartered Ghost

A good friend of mine is publishing his first book, Orlando’s Historic Haunts, this December and is working to raise funds for a release party to launch the book. But I think it is best to let Tom speak for himself.

The Book

Orlando’s Historic Haunts is a fascinating combination of Orlando history, including some of its oddest and darkest moments, along with an in-depth look at the veiled world of the paranormal. Spanning 160 years, dozens of stories encompass every aspect of Orlando life: political, commercial, military, social, and religious. Orlando’s Historic Haunts looks at the lives of famous, infamous and nearly forgotten people as they shaped the growth of the City Beautiful. If you think Orlando is only about everything Disney, you’re missing out. It was once an open frontier where cattle were herded to market, fortunes were made and lost and citrus was king. Its history is studded with tales of restless spirits who can’t seem to let bygones be bygones.

Orlando’s Historic Haunts will be published by Pineapple Press, Florida’s premier publisher, in December 2012!

The Images

Orlando’s Historic Haunts includes many images, both historical and contemporary. Most of the images have never appeared in print. These images can stand on their own as powerful statements of Orlando’s unique development. When you add my intimate images of central Florida nature, you get a collection that tells a story of the life of Orlando.

The Event

The Orlando’s Historic Haunts Release Event will happen on Saturday, January 5, 2013. The event will be held at Julie’s Waterfront restaurant and will include live music from local musicians, a book reading by yours truly, and a gallery showing of photos from the book. The event will be open to the public, so please invite your friends!

The Project

This Kickstarter project is for the release event and gallery show. Funding from the project will go to buy the photo gallery prints, including matting and framing, as well as copies of Orlando’s Historic Haunts. As a supporter of the project you will be on the V.I.P. list for the event and will have your name listed as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).

The rewards for supporting the project are: Signed copies of Orlando’s Historic Haunts; photo prints from the book plus other Orlando scenes; exclusive ghost/history tours. If you want more than 1 copy of the book (they make GREAT holiday gifts), just click on the book level and pledge $15 for each additional book. You can do that with the prints as well, of course! Once the project is finished I’ll contact you with a survey to find out all necessary information.

You‘ll also have the satisfaction of supporting a local artist and author!

If this is the first time you’ve visited Kickstarter, you’ll likely have questions. The site is easy to navigate, so please take a look around and get answers. If you need something you can’t find here, ask me.

The Budget

The goal for this Kickstarter project is set at $250, but the more that’s pledged, the more can be done for the event. While the project has a specific goal, it can be funded at the “A” ticket or the “E” ticket level.

I hope y’all agree it’s “E” ticket all the way!

Risks and challenges

All project rewards should be available by January 1. The book is finished and has been sent to the printer. It is expected to be published by December 1, and is to be available by the end of December. There could be a delay, but the publisher doesn’t expect one.

The images are ready to be sent to the printer and it should take less than a week to be printed and delivered to me.

Once the project is over, I will order both books and prints. When they arrive, I will either mail them (for long distance) or deliver/hand-out at the release event (for local).

If there are any delays, all contributors will get updates as to when the rewards will be available.

For more information or to contribute, please visit his Kickstarter site. Celebrating Orlando’s Historic Haunts


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