Angry Parking Lot Lady

Dear Angry Parking Lot Lady,

I really do appreciate your concern for Luke and yes, my windows were cracked so approaching me with such venom did not help your case. I didn’t fight or kowtow to your righteous anger so threatening me was inappropriate.

And please if you feel my baby boy is in danger call the police. I would have been more than happy to talk to them. Especially, about the verbal assault you  were directing my way. It was 41 degrees out and you were wearing a coat, so I am failing to understand what I did wrong.

What you couldn’t see was his water cup or know that I was in the store less than ten minutes. Or that everyone of my furry children is adopted with the exception of Hrothgar, but he isn’t a furry and is in fact, a turtle.  And that I have called the police/animal control numerous times to help animals. I have crawled into storm drains to rescue kittens and spent over a hour calming a dog whose owner had chained him to a post on some truly cold nights.  And then there was the Christmas morning, I climbed a tree to get a certain Moo kitty down.  Ok, I wanted to climb the tree, but someone had a ladder and taller legs.

All you could see was your own self-righteous anger and wanted to give me a piece of your mind. It was a bit much to tell me that you didn’t appreciate me leaving him in the car or tell me that next time you would call the police repeating the words “Next time” while  slowly shaking when it is 41 degrees out. I know Luke doesn’t appreciate me leaving in the car, but the fabric store frowns on him licking the merchandise. He was still eating his treat from the pet store when I got back into the car.  Maybe I shouldn’t take him for car rides, but they are his very favorite thing and I am a sucker for his pretty face.

I get that you love animals and hate to see them abused so do I, but before you judge and attack someone take a step back and think.  Are you helping, hurting or just getting yourself upset?  Do you have all the facts? Is the animal in danger? Or are you reacting to something in your past?  You didn’t win a victory for animal rights or save a puppy, instead you got yourself upset, me tiffed and became the subject of a blog post.  Education works far better than venom. Next time try that or call the police when you see a dog in a locked car.  Just make sure you call the non-emergency number or animal control directly. I learned that lesson the hard way.



P.S. I am a writer working and this will be filed for use in a future plot.


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