A Hard Knock Life or Not

Nu Mu napping

Nu Mu napping

My animals have all flatten themselves on the floors of the house as if to say that they give up.  It wasn’t an especially trying day for the terminally fuzzy day.  Everyone made it up this morning and out the door.  The morning walk even had time for a spot of tea.

Then I came home was literally sick on my front porch.

No one else but me.

I cleaned up the porch and then myself with no clue as to what made me sick.

Why are you still awake Momma?

Why are you still awake Momma?

Normally, I would say gluten, but it has never made me heave.

But, the animals. They were fine. No one even had a hairball and now they are passed out.

Life is pretty fantastic when you are fuzzy.

And it isn’t actually so bad when you aren’t.

Luke the Puppy Dog

Cuddle time?


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