A Summer without School

A kids dream. This teacher’s nightmare.

No school = no pay.  The county I work for doesn’t offer year round pay. They have a deferred pay system where you can elect to have a percentage of every check differed until the end of the school year. A smart thing to do, if you can afford it.

Which I can’t.

Let the cash scramble begin…I have applied summer and adjunct teaching positions and begun working connections to make up the loss of income. I have picked up extra shifts at my second job and arranged yet another job for my plate.  One day a week, but hey it’s money.And the landlord prefers that to promises.

A search for a new roommate has begun, I have an interview with a potential on Sunday since sharing my home is better than losing it.

Grad school is still up in the air, I have some things to work out with financial aid and am still waiting on the all clear from the admissions office.

I am not sure what the summer will mean for me or this blog, but no matter what I won’t stop writing.

And I think that is really what makes me a writer. I can’t and won’t stop writing.


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