Riders on the Storm

The original blog for today has been trashed.  I was being whining and feeling sorry for myself.  There are some very understandable reasons for my current melancholy and I am sure no one would fault me for being a little down.

Nonetheless, the universe doesn’t need any more complaints unleashed into the chaos that swirls around the human race. There are simply too many of us that complain about things which don’t need to be voiced while we let injustice roam freely in our world.  A young gay man was killed in New York simply for walking down the street. A senseless crime.   Most of our everyday complaints are temporary and do nothing to make things better.  I am not going to don a maniacally happy facade instead I am going to ride these feeling out and maybe find some solutions.

While I do.. I am going to listen to some Doors.

Thanks Papi for the inspiration.



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