Second week of summer vacation and I am behind already.  My goal was to catch up on my reading and post a new review, today.

The reality is that summer vacation for a teacher isn’t really a vacation. Especially, when you need to scramble to keep a steady income. Thankfully the district has provide some opportunities for paid professional development.

Still since I came home from Denver, there has been a leak in my ceiling, the air condition has died and been resurrected, and running around has caused the majority of my small home to look like a tornado ran through it.  Something I detest while acknowledging that it is inevitable given my schedule. Things get put down in a rush and pile up.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Unfortunately, the dining room table doesn’t look like it is going to be clearing up anytime soon, since the sofa and kindle are calling my name. I am on vacation after all.


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