The Power

Words have the power to heal or wound.

They can inspire.

Today’s inspiration came from this article on XO Jane.  The article was written by a mother who’s daughter, Karrie, wanted to be a model.  Not an uncommon goal for a teenage.  Karrie Brown, as you might have guessed, isn’t an ordinary teenager. She is a biker girl fashionista with Down Syndrome. And her dream came true, she modeled for her favorite clothing company, Wet Seal.

Since then Karrie has been to Disneyland and how wants to dance on the Ellen Show. She has also been the Grand Marshall at a local parade.

I really hope that her dream comes true.  I hope that the bitterness that has taken over so many hearts never touches hers.

Follow Karrie’s adventures on Facebook at Karrie Brown – Modeling the Future.

Karrie Brown - Model for Wet Seal and Rolemodel for the rest of us.

Karrie Brown – Model for Wet Seal and role model for the rest of us.


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