Sunshine, Rainbows and Unicorns…

Sometime today, I will be sending my manuscript out to an editor. It is a scary prospect, but moving forward in life involves more than a little fear.

I have two lovely neighbors. Sisters who do practically everything together on the weekend, which is especially unusual since one is in elementary school and the other is in high school.

The girls were crossing the street to their house when I heard them half scream and giggle. I asked what was the matter and the youngest sister informed me that her older sister was too afraid to ask another neighbor to borrow his gaming station.

After a bit of coaxing, it was clear that the older sister wasn’t going to budge. So I grabbed the hand of the younger and we went across the street to be brave. swinging our arms as we went.

We didn’t return with our intended prize and that was really ok, for the both of us. We tried and we were brave together.

I know in the last couple weeks, this blog hasn’t had much sunshine or unicorns.

However, there have been a lot rainbows, even if they were faint.

Besides, unicorns can be quite mean and too much sunshine will give you cancer.


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