Ode to a lost phone

My phone went AWOL.

No idea where it when.

Or where it needed to go.

We never talked about its wants and needs.

It was always all about me.

I used it and never thought of it as anything more than a phone.

I know it did more than that. Was more than that..

I used to for an alarm clock, personal banker and it helped me stay on track.

And I called it an it. Never thought beyond the silicone and computer chips. Now, you are gone Phone.

Gone somewhere I can not reach you.

Maybe you thought I won’t miss you, but I do and I miss everything you did for me.

Sorry phone, I wasn’t the person you needed me to be,

Didn’t give you the attention you deserve.

Hope you have a good life.

Miss you…

Mean it.

P.S. Thank you for leaving when I have an up grade available.


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