Book Review: It Takes a Village to Kill Your Husband

A9nUfo4CYAAHCf8It Takes a Village to Kill Your Husband by Jethro Collins

Available: Kindle $2.99 and Paperback $9.49

This was just the brain candy that I needed to get me ready for the holidays. After a semester of reading literature to analyze for my students, I really needed this book. It was fun and flirty and even when I thought I knew where he was going, he managed to surprise me. And, like another reader, I kept going with the book just to see how ridiculous it was going to get.

The story follows the self-made decorator Hollis Whitney and her love-hate, but mostly hate, marriage to straight-to-DVD director Frank Fielder.  While lamenting her upcoming 40th birthday, she spies Frank diddling his latest starlet, she decides that Frank has to go.  The problem is, that Frank won’t go quietly with a divorce and would rather see her dead than let her go. So, Hollis opts for murder.  When her incredibly fake Hollywood friends get wind of her plot, things really go into high gear as the women, who were all just going through the motions of society life, begin to work together and form real friendships.  Just like the heist movies of old, every player in the tale brings something unique and necessary to the mix.

The book was a little rough in the beginning. I didn’t like Hollis and I didn’t like her friends.  Hating her husband was just too easy and really not worth it.   It took a while for me to get attached to the characters.  Not because of the writing, but because of the use of foul language in the disclaimer which was only funny after I got into the book.  Highlighting the word cunt, probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

In the end though, I loved this book to the point that I am buying it for Momma.  She loves romances and it may just keep her from killing Papa.

To learn more about the author visit him at or follow him on twitter.


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