The Pages So Far

1554406_504872652960925_1373652490_n (1)Thus far 2014 has been going smoothly, my resolutions are still in tact and the first storms have been weathered. Pages are flowing together and life is moving forward. There is another storm on the horizon as Luke will need to go back to the vet this week.  A week ago he was attacked and injured by another dog.  He was doing great, but has developed a cyst.  So back we go.  The first visit pushed the production of Blood Child back, but regardless of that happens on Thursday, Blood Child will begin the formatting process this week.

This week is actually a great week for me to work on book production. It is exam week so my classes are winding down and there won’t be many papers to grade.

Work on my second book, My Dragon Friday, has been moving slowly. I start back on the manuscript and then stopped, edited and repeated the cycle. In the last month, I have only added a page or two to the text, but it will be finished. Not sure when but I will finish it. I just need to get back into my writing groove. I know that I spent too much of the latter part of 2013 working to work  and didn’t get the writing I wanted done. The quest to be debt free isn’t one that I can accomplish over night and sacrificing my other dreams for that one goal.

There are a couple of blogs and articles that have really helped me see some of my thinking errors.  The first was on entitled 5 Things That Have to Happen Before You Fix Your Crappy Life. Now my life isn’t crappy, but there are things that I have been trying to fix for a long time this article helped drive home the point that things really aren’t going to get better overnight.  I have been holding on to the paradigm that one day a miracle is going to come along and fix this or that and even though things have been getting better they still aren’t fixed.  I felt trapped in a never ending cycle of failure because no matter how things were improving they weren’t fixed. Somethings can’t be fixed quickly and life doesn’t have a finish line.  The second was by one of my favorite bloggers, Middleagebutch, called Getting Unstuck.  I have been stuck in my writing life and her blog helped me get over the idea that I am the only one stuck. The only one not writing.

The pages of this year are coming together and as the plot unfolds, I can’t help but smile. 


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