Women’s History Month Blog Series

Dear Readers,

As a teacher, I see the young women in my classes struggling with what it means to be a woman.  They don’t understand Women’s history or what it means to be a feminist, today.  They need answers as well as question.  As a result next month I will be dedicating the majority of my posts to topics and themes important to women, women’s history and rights.

So far, there are some guest posts in the works as well. But, I would love your voices to be present as well. Who is the most influential woman in your life? What woman inspired you?  What do you think that the young women of today need to know before they head out into the world?

If you are interested in participating either by submitting a guest post, poem or photo, just email me at Lucinda.T.rose@gmail.com – please put Women’s History Month in the subject line.

Everyone is welcome to participate.


Lu Lu, just Lu


2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month Blog Series

  1. I think this is a brilliant idea. I work with young girls who struggle with how they should act in modern society. I truly think we have gone a step backwards due to how the media portray women.
    I work in a male dominated environment and struggle with people’s idea’s on what an outdoor pursuit worker should be. It’s quite funny in our house as I have a outdoor, physical job and my husband is a chef. Very different roles! I will look forward to read your post’s on this subject.
    I have had a blog change so would love for you to follow me at WildFamilyFun.co.uk , I write about my outdoor adventures both in work and with my family.


    • Thank you for your support. I already have two folks interested in writing guest blogs and two lovely ladies offering pictures.

      My students are young mothers and end up be responsible for doing everything for their kids even through the fathers of their children often times encouraged them to be moms. They need to know there are different paths out there for them.

      I will join at your new blog soon.


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