Summer Time – Writing Time – Review Time

Reading one of my favorite blogs this morning – Live to Write – Write to Live inspired me. They were discussing what the summer time means to your writing and reading schedule.  Summer as a teacher and a writer means there is actually less time for me to write.  No set schedule which seems like it would be a blessing and some days it is.

Some days, I sleep until my body tells me to wake up, walk Luke and settle down to the writing desk after making breakfast.  So far in the three weeks since school has ended this hasn’t happened once.  Most days, I am up just about the same time and headed off to my second job at a local theme park.  The days I do have off there have been other things that needed to get done. Things that I have neglected during the school year.

What I have been able to do is read more.   So far I have finished three books and am more than half way through a fourth book.   Three more books have made it on to read list by  two wonderful authors – Stant Litore and Erik Hofstatter.   Those delicious treats are next.  Something a little dark to take the bite off of the blistering summer heart.

One of my goals is to read as much as I can and work on writing reviews this summer in what will most likely be a vain attempt to have reviews done in advance of Blood Child’s publication. Beyond reading, writing reviews and completing the publication process, I have three on-line classes to complete and some quality gym time.

What’s on your to-do list this summer?




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