April Page 4

The best laid plans of mice and men always need to have a plan B waiting in the wing no matter how well conceived it may have been.

8:30 on a Saturday morning with pencils sharpened and a fresh pad of paper, I was ready to rediscover my love of math.  Two hours later, I discovered that in the past seventeen years I have lost more math than I thought was possible. By lunch, I was making a list of areas that I needed to brush up on and thinking about how I will find the time to audit a math class.

At 3:30, I was getting copies of the notes and my plan was back to square one. I would not be finishing this class in three weeks and taking the math certification exam. It would give me options and take some stress off if I had passed.

Now, I know that I can do it, but I am going to need do a lot more studying.

Maybe take a few classes.

And get a tutor.

Or two.

I do love math, but it isn’t like riding a bicycle.  You can’t get back on it after seventeen years and remember how everything works.  You need to practice it, use it and see if I can teach it to other. I am going to finish the review class and follow the advice of the instructor by making time to study without distraction.

Oh nieces and nephews, who wants to learn about exponents while your Mom is at the store.

Come on. It will be fun.


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