We’ve all been there.  Runny noses, stuffed up head so stopped up you are sure you are going deaf in one ear and a cough intense enough to give you a six-pack.

A day or two and you are better, right?

Three weeks in and I am tired of working on my abs and ready to move through to the next level of healing.  The almost well, but a little tired.  The normal day to day moving back into view.

Sickness.  We never give ourselves enough time to heal.  We never let ourselves just be in the moment.  We seek wellness like it is the key.  When we are well, we can do anything. When we are…


It is a trap.

We wait for the perfect time to start working on our dreams.

And that perfect time was yesterday.

Begin today.

Start now.

Do the thing.

Seriously, do it.

Do it.




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