Meds are not a Failure

Photo by Markus Spiske on A little over year ago, I went back on medication for anxiety and depression. It wasn't a hard decision. I was crying in my office, seeing a therapist and trying not to break down pretty much daily. There was a lie I had committed myself to that I … Continue reading Meds are not a Failure



Recently, I read "Becoming..." by Michelle Obama and it has helped me to not only see the former First Lady in a new light, but look at my own story with less judgement and more honesty. How did I become a woman who not only embraces her curves but also her gray and silver hair?  … Continue reading Becoming….

An Old Friend Returns…Anxiety

It would be nice to think that when things are going well that Captain A  would have no cause to come visiting.  The Fraud Police would stay in their precinct and every thing would be hunky dory. But, Anxiety is an A-hole and doesn't care about failure the way that it does about success.  Success … Continue reading An Old Friend Returns…Anxiety