The Birthday Challenge Results

I wish I could give you some marvelous statistics and other figures, but I can’t. I really didn’t keep track of where I was, although I know where I am.

Slightly exhausted, but proud of myself.

I have taken the last couple of days off to finished celebrating my birthday and wrapping up grading for the first marking period. My students may not be happy with the latter’s results.  The grades they received are the ones that they earned even if they are in denial.

Posting daily has increased the number of folks following this blog as well as the overall rankings.

Writing daily taught me that it is possible to find the time everyday to write. Excuses be dammed!!   A new schedule is forming; one in which I blog everything other day and concentrate on my other writing projects every other day, if not daily.

Luke has agreed to support me by sleeping on the floor next to me.  The kitty boys, Jack and Nu Mu, have also agreed to help out by walking across the keyboard on a regular basis to remind me of the importance of saving on a regular basis.

My new roomie will be taking over some of the household chores which will leave me with more time to write.  The next month or so will be hard as I am still catching up on bills from my summer holiday in the cardiac unit, but nothing I can’t handle.

I am looking forward to sharing the result with you.

My Birth Story

The day I was born Momma begged me for patience.  She wanted me to wait just a couple hours so that she could attend a cotillion at the country club at which my paternal grandparents were members.  Grandma Rose had insisted that Momma attend even though she was nine months along.

For her part, Momma wanted to to go. After all, do you know how hard it is to find a formal gown when you are nine months along? I am pretty sure that it is difficult given how much emphasis she put on that particular part of the story over the years.

The rest of the story is that Momma knew she was in labor.  She knew there was no way that she was going to be able to spend the night enjoying the high society of a small Pennsylvania town.  She just wanted to go and make a grand exit.; stealing the show from Grandma Rose who had made her go to event after event while pregnant.

I had other plans. Personally, I think I wanted to party.  Momma had my brother, Frederick, on her lap when she had a contraction.  My maternal Grandmother was sitting across the table and noticed when my big brother flinched.

“Patty?” She said.

“Yes, Mom.” My momma replied looking everywhere but at her mother.

“Did you just have a contraction?” She inquired. I could never like to Granny and neither could my mother.

Four and a half hours later, I was born.

Baby Lu
Happy Birthday to Me, Thanks Momma

Birthday Blessings

Birthday Dress

One more day until my birthday, well actually just a couple hours.  I am sitting in my birthday dress after having gone out to dinner with Sonia, one of my best friends and a true blessing.  There are times when I forget to count them.  This week, they have been coming to me; making sure that I know that I am loved.

Last night, I cooked dinner for three of my dear friends.  I loved being able share my bounty with them. The look on Ashmarie’s face when I told her that I would make her more sweet potato fries.  Even better was the look when I told her that I was going to make a chocolate cake.

She is just a lovely soul. Her daughter, Carly, only nine days old is so very lucky to have her as a mother. And I am so fortunate to have her and Mr. H, her partner, as friends.

Gluten Free Cholcate Apple Cake
Gluten Free Chocolate Apple Cake

Blessings surround me, I know it and I am so very grateful.  That is the lesson from this birthday challenge and celebration. I am matter what is going on in my life or how much money is in the bank, I am still blessed.  My family and friends are the greatest gifts in my life.

Pure and simply. They aren’t perfect, but they are mine. They love me and I love them.

Baby Lu

One Week Until My Solar Anniversary

In one week, I will officially turn thirty-six.

What do I want for my birthday?

Well, books are always nice, but really what I want is to be surrounded by those I love.  And as it so happens I will be.  Next Tuesday, I will be sitting in an outpatient facility with my Denny (aka Papa) waiting for the nurse to tell me that it is time to take Mama home. She is scheduled to have a stint replaced. It has to be replaced every three to four months. It is a small price to pay for her being cancer free.

There is some symmetry in spending the day in the hospital with her and waiting to take her home just like she did three decades ago.

So, maybe what I really want is for everything to go well, next Tuesday.

Still want to give me a gift..

That is sweet of you, but unnecessary.  Since you already have by reading my blog.  Corny, maybe, but still true…

Jobs… And No I am Not A Workaholic…

My students asked me just how many jobs I have held.  I answered honestly.  I have no idea.

So for them, myself and you dear readers, here is a list.

  1. Retail Clerk at a Fruit Market
  2. Child care worker
  3. Baker
  4. Tarot Card reader
  5. Hotel Clerk
  6. File Clerk
  7. Office Assistant
  8. Shelver
  9. Student Manager
  10. Student Project Manager
  11. Book Editor
  12. Cash Office Clerk
  13. Telemarketer
  14. Technology assistant
  15. Legal Assistant
  16. Office Manager
  17. Receptionist
  18. Model
  19. Bar-back
  20. Bouncer
  21. Wedding Officiant
  22. Waitress
  23. Tutor
  24. Teacher
  25. Department Chair

The above list is complete to the best of my knowledge.  There are a couple jobs I didn’t include because they were volunteer positions and thus not eligible for this exercise.

I love nearly every job that I worked over the years with the exception of being a telemarketer. I liked the people I worked with but not the work, itself.  Thankfully, my parental units insisted that I quit the job after learning that my co-workers were dealing drugs on the side and offering their wares to me, their baby girl.

What does your list look like?