The Birthday Challenge Results

I wish I could give you some marvelous statistics and other figures, but I can't. I really didn't keep track of where I was, although I know where I am. Slightly exhausted, but proud of myself. I have taken the last couple of days off to finished celebrating my birthday and wrapping up grading for … Continue reading The Birthday Challenge Results

My Birth Story

The day I was born Momma begged me for patience.  She wanted me to wait just a couple hours so that she could attend a cotillion at the country club at which my paternal grandparents were members.  Grandma Rose had insisted that Momma attend even though she was nine months along. For her part, Momma … Continue reading My Birth Story

One Week Until My Solar Anniversary

In one week, I will officially turn thirty-six. What do I want for my birthday? Well, books are always nice, but really what I want is to be surrounded by those I love.  And as it so happens I will be.  Next Tuesday, I will be sitting in an outpatient facility with my Denny (aka … Continue reading One Week Until My Solar Anniversary

Jobs… And No I am Not A Workaholic…

My students asked me just how many jobs I have held.  I answered honestly.  I have no idea. So for them, myself and you dear readers, here is a list. Retail Clerk at a Fruit Market Child care worker Baker Tarot Card reader Hotel Clerk File Clerk Office Assistant Shelver Student Manager Student Project Manager … Continue reading Jobs… And No I am Not A Workaholic…