Birthday Blessings

Birthday Dress

One more day until my birthday, well actually just a couple hours.  I am sitting in my birthday dress after having gone out to dinner with Sonia, one of my best friends and a true blessing.  There are times when I forget to count them.  This week, they have been coming to me; making sure that I know that I am loved.

Last night, I cooked dinner for three of my dear friends.  I loved being able share my bounty with them. The look on Ashmarie’s face when I told her that I would make her more sweet potato fries.  Even better was the look when I told her that I was going to make a chocolate cake.

She is just a lovely soul. Her daughter, Carly, only nine days old is so very lucky to have her as a mother. And I am so fortunate to have her and Mr. H, her partner, as friends.

Gluten Free Cholcate Apple Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Apple Cake

Blessings surround me, I know it and I am so very grateful.  That is the lesson from this birthday challenge and celebration. I am matter what is going on in my life or how much money is in the bank, I am still blessed.  My family and friends are the greatest gifts in my life.

Pure and simply. They aren’t perfect, but they are mine. They love me and I love them.


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