I lay down my sword All my weapons are yours I’m too tired to fight The battle never ends If you could see the way it is to me The way it wears and tears these mind games and power plays Eighteen years is too long to fight without victory in sight. Tired of fighting … Continue reading Surrender

Dusk and Summer – A Review

It has been a long time since a book has held me captive, curled and cuddled beneath my covers until its pages were through with my mind.  Dusk and Summer by Joesph A. Pinto kept me prisoner this afternoon while I hungrily devoured every last sentence down to the final period. The novella published by … Continue reading Dusk and Summer – A Review

Exams, Cars and Delays

This week my students take their mid-semester exams. It also marks the beginning the semi-annual whine festival; especially among the seniors.  Their continued enrollment and graduation is on the line.  Participation in the program is voluntary.  If students aren't benefiting from the program then they can go back to their home school.  If they aren't … Continue reading Exams, Cars and Delays

It’s Going To Be A Bloody Winter

Review of  Undead of Winter  - Nine Zombie Tales from Armand Rosamilia, Brent Abell, Suzannobb, Jonah Buck, R.S. Pyne, Tim Lieder, Blaze McRob, Lisa McCourt Hollar, and Carole Gill When I picked up this book, I didn't realize that it was actually a collection of short stories. I saw something on Twitter that snatched it.  … Continue reading It’s Going To Be A Bloody Winter

An Enchantingly Evil Sea Tale….

The world of independent books is full of sea wrecks, but Michael Rivers' book The Black Witch (Curse of the Black Witch) is definitely not one of them.  A fan of old fashioned high seas adventures, I gladly stepped aboard and wasn't disappointed. As a child, I grew up on the shores where the Black … Continue reading An Enchantingly Evil Sea Tale….