Apocalypse Babes

Review of the Z-Word by Bella Street

I really wish I had picked up this novel before I went on winter break so I could have read more in this ingenious six book series.  As it is, I am committed to reading at least five novels before I can get back to it. I would pout, but that would silly; nearly as silly has throwing four West Hollywood twenty-somethings into the Montana desert with zombies and oh yes, sparkly sand.  Except, the novel isn’t foolish, it is well crafted and brilliant. With plot twists that whisk you along faster than a roller coaster, just when you think it is settled, off it goes again.

Admittedly, at first I thought it was the undead love child of 90210 & a Twilight Zone spin off in book form; thankful I was wrong.  It is realistic, humorous and original.  It doesn’t fall into any plot and character cliches.  Street is skilled at creating her characters.  She slowly unveils them, never rushing their description or revealing too much too soon.  The perfect strategy for a serial author.

Our heroine, or at least the main character, Persephone aka Seffy is a women on the run from her mundane Montanan past who has managed to convince herself that the only way to achieve her goals is to ignore where she came from.  Three of her friends came with her to Hollywood and remade themselves according to her wishes.

Seffy’s strong personality is obvious and while she is entirely vain and shallow, her friends love her.  They stand by her, even after she makes out with slightly dead man.  Even when her friend, Gareth’s nerdy knowledge saves her and their friends was certain death she criticizes him at the same time pinning away for him. Like many shallow people seeking fame, she doesn’t see the need to actually work at the craft that she wants to famous for.  Her ignorance would have been her undoing if it wasn’t for her friends.

The explosion sends them into a wasteland filled with disco loving zombies, survivalist, worn out hippies and communists. It sends readers on wild adventure and will leaving them craving for more.  Maybe in the next installment, Seffy will live up to her potential that only her friends seem to see.  Maybe she will become a heroine like her namesake. It is worth my money to find out.


5 thoughts on “Apocalypse Babes

  1. Hi,

    I liked your review and check out this book. I am a first timer writer and would love your opinion on my writer, I have one chapter on my blog and 8 completed, and half way thro the book. It is based on true events. Please check out chapter one and I can send you the other 7 abd the rest when it is written and edited. I am looking to publish as an ebook.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    The link is:


    Many thanks


  2. Thanks so much for reviewing my book, Lucinda! I’d like to offer you or any of your readers free copies of any of the Apocalypse Babes titles. They’re available for Kindle, Nook, and at Smashwords. Email me at bellastreetwritesATgmailDOTcom.

    Thanks again!


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