Sense and Sensibility without Sea Monsters

As my first unabridged, non-zombie version of a  Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility has taken a firm hold of my mind.  It didn't let go last night until around 1:30 in the morning.  My eyes simply gave out, not my desire to read. The tale follows the lives of two sisters after the death of … Continue reading Sense and Sensibility without Sea Monsters

The Cosmic 2×4

Everything happens for a reason. It may sound dreamy or idealistic, but the older I get the stronger my faith in that concepts becomes.  The universe just doesn’t always tell you the reason, which is highly annoying. Then there are times like this afternoon when things line up right, but still leaving you wondering. At … Continue reading The Cosmic 2×4

Ahh… the simple complex things

I am not sure where this post is going, but here I go stepping off the cliff in my own mind. Human beings are fools.. honestly, we are.  We dominate this gem of a planet and complain about everything under the sun. Even our life giving sun. For much of the western world, the Christmas … Continue reading Ahh… the simple complex things

Booger’s Tale cont.

My mistress was always aggravated by the two men’s presence but her annoyance never seemed to disturb them. I believe one of them had some sort of leverage over her.  They never ceased in their attempts to converse with her. The large harry man smelled like another of my canine brethren, a female if my … Continue reading Booger’s Tale cont.