The Day with Verbs

Up with the throbbing  head again No wine to blame stumbled out the door into the world locking myself out meandered my way back in set to work putting things here and there walked the dog recycling to the bin errands ran dishes to the sink clothes to the hamper litter to the bin walked … Continue reading The Day with Verbs

A Good Man Died

A good man died today, or maybe it was yesterday. News of his passing just reached me today A good man died And in his honor I'm drinking some whiskey Some sweet Jack that he would have liked My heart weeps and my world quakes But its foundations still hold firm I may weep and … Continue reading A Good Man Died

Writing Exercise – I am Poem #1

Every nine weeks, my students write a new I-Am poem to help build  their writing portfolio and so they can see how they changed over the course of the year.  It is interesting to read them because often times even though they know that their poems will be read by me they confess little truths … Continue reading Writing Exercise – I am Poem #1

Happy Endings…

Happy Endings are only the beginnings Only the beginning Only the beginning And getting to the beginning takes work lots and lots of work Just like what comes after. If you’d like more information on Lucinda's work subscribe to this blog, follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.  Her new novella, Blood Child … Continue reading Happy Endings…