Plans Are Meant to Change…

This weekend, I was tremendously excited because I had arranged to see one of my favorite people on this earth.  Friday, as the title suggests, plans changed.  Saturday wasn’t meant to be.

Which as it turns out was a blessing because I was sick all day. Not horribly so, just enough to make the day not fun.  So I slept, did some chores and slept some more. I missed seeing my friend, but I would have been horrible company. Really horrible company.

Luke taking care of me as I slept this weekend; keeping my feet warm was an essential part of my care.
Luke taking care of me as I slept this weekend; keeping my feet warm was an essential part of my care.

The day was not without its fun. Another friend came by to help me out and I ended up taking his pants. They have been torn for months and every time I saw them I wanted to fix them. Finally on Saturday, he let me. It took a bit of time to do it right, but while he was wandering my house in boxers he gave me a great idea to promote Blood Child and offer to help me. Suddenly, there was sunshine again.

One of the things that has been weighing on my mind is how to get Blood Child out into the world.  It isn’t the only thing. Not having a roommate, my impending observation, the taxes that I still have not done and my unfinished grad school application  also weigh on my mind.

Another nap, a short walk and it was back to bed.  I awoke Sunday morning feeling better and took Luke for a longer walk. Something he was grateful for, at least for the first fifteen minutes.  I made progress this weekend on one of my long term goals of being published.  And it all happened because my plans changed.

Thank you, Universe. I needed my plans to change.

The Cosmic 2×4

Everything happens for a reason. It may sound dreamy or idealistic, but the older I get the stronger my faith in that concepts becomes.  The universe just doesn’t always tell you the reason, which is highly annoying. Then there are times like this afternoon when things line up right, but still leaving you wondering.

At 3:10, I dismissed my class early to go to bus duty as a result I was able to leave campus shortly after 3:30.  Score one for Ms. Rose. Checking my gym bag, I realize that my lock was missing.  Why didn’t I check it in the morning I have no idea.  I just tossed it in the back of the car and was off; delighted that I was actually getting to school early.

I headed back to the house figuring that it would only take a minute or two to locate it and then I would be on my way.  Wrong, the universe, fate or coincidence, whichever you are more comfortable with, sends me walking into a powerless house.  The silence of the air was unmistakable; broken only by cursing and a frantic search for the right number.

I have no one but myself to blame, which is why I am extremely cranky at the moment and typing with dwindling battery power.  I paid the bill by phone just a few minutes ago in the hopes that it will be turned back on before long.  I am really hoping that it is turned back on before my boyfriend gets home.   One of us cranky is enough for the night.

Now might be a good time to mention that the gym wasn’t original destination.  I had plans to meet with a writer friend and go over each other’s current projects. He cancelled because he was called into work for a double.  The universe really wanted me home today.

Boogie is going crazy, let’s hope that means that the power man is here.

Thank heavens; there it is the sweet sound the air coming back on.  Yes, I have the air on in December; I live in Florida, in a cement house with no air flow.  Soon, I should be able to go without it completely and my power bill will constrict itself accordingly.

The saga of the power-bill began about a month ago. When I realized that I hadn’t actually received a bill from OCU.  Called and paid what it said I owed, but somehow I ended up being a month behind.  This month, I got a note in the mail saying I needed to pay by x date or they would cut off the happy juice to the house.

On to the internet, I went and paid it again, or so I thought.  It turns out I sent the money to the wrong company. Several phone calls later; I’m still not sure if that cash will be returning home.  Stress and not taking the time to actually see what I was doing it; not being in the moment, led to that mistake.

I sent in another check but it was too late. I should have paid it by phone, but again I wasn’t thinking.  Not thinking has led me to paying the same bill three times.

All of this tells me that I really need to stop. Stop running around like a dragon with her head cut off.  Stop trying to do everything that needs to be done. It doesn’t actually have to be done me.  I have been reacting not really thinking or being present in the moment for a while now.

I am not going beat myself up about this or any of the other bone headed things I may have done in my reactive fog. There isn’t a point to it.  My life has already moved on; my sister from another mother, the great and powerful Z-Momma, has just called to remind me of her husband’s b-day.  An evening out of the house, away from the myriad of undone chores seems like the perfect way for me to reconnect with myself and some good friends.

The air conditioner is humming beside me.  I don’t know where the lock is, but I know where my mind is.