Plans Are Meant to Change…

This weekend, I was tremendously excited because I had arranged to see one of my favorite people on this earth.  Friday, as the title suggests, plans changed.  Saturday wasn’t meant to be.

Which as it turns out was a blessing because I was sick all day. Not horribly so, just enough to make the day not fun.  So I slept, did some chores and slept some more. I missed seeing my friend, but I would have been horrible company. Really horrible company.

Luke taking care of me as I slept this weekend; keeping my feet warm was an essential part of my care.

Luke taking care of me as I slept this weekend; keeping my feet warm was an essential part of my care.

The day was not without its fun. Another friend came by to help me out and I ended up taking his pants. They have been torn for months and every time I saw them I wanted to fix them. Finally on Saturday, he let me. It took a bit of time to do it right, but while he was wandering my house in boxers he gave me a great idea to promote Blood Child and offer to help me. Suddenly, there was sunshine again.

One of the things that has been weighing on my mind is how to get Blood Child out into the world.  It isn’t the only thing. Not having a roommate, my impending observation, the taxes that I still have not done and my unfinished grad school application  also weigh on my mind.

Another nap, a short walk and it was back to bed.  I awoke Sunday morning feeling better and took Luke for a longer walk. Something he was grateful for, at least for the first fifteen minutes.  I made progress this weekend on one of my long term goals of being published.  And it all happened because my plans changed.

Thank you, Universe. I needed my plans to change.


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