Dear Momma

Dear Momma,

It may seem strange to write a  blog post to you, but I think that after everything we have been through it is time to say some things in a more public way.  You are mother, but more than that you are my friend. You encourage me and show me what it is like to be courageous.

You sacrificed when I was a child so that I wouldn’t think badly of my father.  A man who lied and left his family with barely enough to survive.  Never did I hear you say a negative about him. You kept your silence and let me make my own decisions.

Friday, you sat down in front of twelve of my journalism students to answer questions about your cancer treatments.  Some of your answers surprised me and then I realized that even through I was there through much of your treatments; we never stopped to talk out it.  You thanked me again and again for being there for you, but I never thanked you f0r letting me be there.  You could have shut me out to protect me, but you knew what that felt like when someone made the decision for you. Decided what you could handle and could not handle.

Thank you for letting me there while you fought for your life and for our family.  I remember so many things about those days, but hearing you speak I realize how much of your battle you shielded me from.  As a  mother, I am sure it was natural.  But more than that, you didn’t give up when the cancer came back. You fought.

And you taught me that being a women is more powerful than I ever imagined. Our strength is not always silent, but it is always shown though our actions.




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