Now, I am starting to blush…. Two Awards One Day…

Thank you to Juliet Greenwood for nominating me for this award.  I must admit to some blushing when I saw Juliet’s message.  It is nice to see that my little blog is gaining some attention.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.

Share seven things about yourself.

Pass the award along to other, recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

Here goes..

1.  I was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  My mother choose that hospital because she was afraid that they hospital in the town that they lived in would loose me.  After my birth, some one dressed as a giant chocolate bar came to my parents’ house.

2. Recently, I apologized to my mother for my actions in the womb.  She had plans to go to a formal dance the night I was born and was upset that she never got to wear the dress she brought.

3.  I am the youngest child of the youngest son whose mother was the youngest as well.

4. I have lived in four states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Florida. My last great move to Florida was spurred by a break-up and the promise of free rent. I gave away nearly every piece of furniture so I could bring more books with it.

5. I have been the minister at more weddings than I have been the bridesmaid.  The two bridesmaid’s dresses I brought were both turned into fairy costumes.(Sadly, not by me…)

6. All of my pets except my turtle,Hrothgar,  were rescues.

7. In first teaching job was in a mental hospital.

My Nominates for this award are as follows:

1. Ty Shaun – – a young writer with a lot of promise and heart.

2. Stef – Dodging Commas –


4 thoughts on “Now, I am starting to blush…. Two Awards One Day…

  1. No need to blush!

    Those are great facts. I shall never forget your mother’s unworn dress. That sounds like the basis for a story!

    I shall be posting my award with pride when the dust has settled from this one.

    Thank you again,



  2. Oh my, thank you so much for nominating me. Honestly, I have never been nominated for a damn thing. This means so much to me. Thanks to you I get to push further beyond my limits and remember that I have someone very important supporting me. So, again, thank you! I just wish I knew what to do now. What should I do now that I’ve been nominated?!


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