P.S. A New Poem

The Original Copy

*Normally, I would place notes at the end of the poem, but this is one that I wrote when I was in the sixth or seventh grade.  Sharing it is a bit scary.

I made only minor changes to it here.  Looking back through the poems that I have written over the years is a bit weird.  It helps me to see that I have grown over the years (or in this case decades) as a writer.

Little Words, Big Fears

There are words in my soul

Hidden back behind my heart

Sweet, divine thoughts

To touch the souls of men

But they do not move

Too scared and afraid

To bare themselves to a world

of their own creation.


Only falsity bares itself

And it’s own untrue, evil souls,

If one cannot bear them, one is alone

Like the worlds of my soul

Trapped, too afraid to move


Reality and truth seem too far

Apart in the soul,

All Crave Truth,

All Crave Reality, Honesty

Yet all eats the sick soup of lies

Black and odious stew of Society

with each new taste, The Soul

is imprisoned…..

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