Working my life away… or

Two weeks, I began two more jobs. I already had two… well  besides writing.

Monday nights, I am reading tarot at a local bar and Tuesday I am tending the same bar. Both of the new financial opportunities were the result of a good friend needing help and me needing cash.

Maybe I am crazy for now having four jobs, which is fine since I have no problem being crazy or appearing like it.

It may seem like I am working too much, teaching and having three part time jobs. None of my secondary jobs are more than eight hours a week.  Everything right now is nicely balanced and helping build up my precious savings account. I am doing what I need to take care of the financial side of my life at the same time feeding my need for new interactions and experiences.

When we reflect on the work we do, if we even take the time to do that, we tend to see it as something that we have to do.  Some days that is true for me.. there are days however, when I make the choice to go to work.  Even when I am tired or sick.  Those are normally good days because making it into a choice gives me the power not the activity.

I choose to work the jobs I do, because I want to have more choices and like the work. They help me to live my life and not the other way around; it living me.


2 thoughts on “Working my life away… or

  1. I enjoy my ‘day job’, too. It’s taken me a long time to find the right balance, and when time is short I sometimes dream of being a full-time writer. But being a writer makes you a special being. Being an ordinary worker makes you just like anyone else, and I love the challenge and the inspiration and the having to get out and interact with people not under my control!

    Good for you!



    • I think about it as well, but those interactions with people are so very precious to me. I haven’t quite gotten the right balance yet, but I am getting better.

      Thank you,



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