Downtime? What’s that?

I am on day three of my mini-staycation.  I am off until next Saturday, a truly rare miracle.  It is time I need to rest, read, write and repeat.   Well, mostly rest. I need a break. A break from the rush of working multiple jobs, writing and trying to stay sane all at the same time.  As I approach this week with my list of things to do, I am going to take the time I never do.  The time to breathe and just hang out with myself, Momma and my honey.

I am going to ignore my precious to-do list as much as possible, watch every episode of Downton Abbey and the Tudors available on Netflix and see how long I can remain in my Jack Skeleton pjs before I start to twitch.  Ambitious goals to be sure, but if I don’t make the attempt to take part this mythical thing called downtime then I risk burning out.  I have been in a pressure cooker too long like many folks in this country; treading water so long that the will to continue is giving out. It isn’t that I want to give up and let myself drift down into abyss; there just has to be a better way.  A way that actually relieves the mental exhaustion.

Things have been looking up, the rescue ship is on its way. I know this, but until it reaches me I am going to cut myself a break.   Well, at least for the next five days.


3 thoughts on “Downtime? What’s that?

  1. not sure my comment posted.
    so excuse me if double posted.
    Good for You and Yours!
    only you can make the call to slow this unstoppable world down!
    Make the most (relax to the max) of your staycay!


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